The Dunes Golf Links

The Cups 9 Hole Course

The Dunes is among the very best public golf courses in Australia and its Cups Course offers a friendlier introduction to the game for beginners or just a quicker round of golf for seasoned players. A highlight of the Cups Course is its downhill par-three 6th hole which plays only 74 metres from the back tee and might be the shortest golf hole in the nation. The 6th hole was voted ‘Best Short Par 3’ in Australia.

As the little sister course to the Dunes main course we absolutely love it! Its got the same feel as the main but alot more forgiving. This is a great golf course for golfers of all abilities. The cups is kept up to the same standard but the rough is cut alot shorter, the bunkers more shallow and the holes shorter. This 9 hole course has a nice set of par 3’s and a magnificent set of par 4’s sums this course up.

A super fun golf course that is perfect for families and friends! To see hole by hole videos of ‘The Cups’ course, scroll down the page some more!

Course Details
9 Holes
Length: 2316m
Par 33
Slope Rating: 129

The Cups 9 Hole Golf Links

The Cups – Australia’s Best 9 Hole Golf Course

The Cups 1st Hole
125m Par 3
A short par 3 that can be tricky to hit on. Play it safe and aim to the right side of the green as it slopes to the left and in to the middle of the green. The bunker guarding the front of the green is well placed and sure to catch many who take on this hole!


The Cups 2nd Hole
352m Par 4
The longest par 4 on The Cups course and it plays up hill! Get a good drive away from the tee and you might get close enough to get there in two. Bunkers guard the green on the left side so try to avoid those if you can. Make a par 4 here and you’ll be feeling pretty happy with yourself!


The Cups 3rd Hole
308m Par 4
From an elevated tee you will try to drive your ball all the way down the hill and give yourself a look at the elevated green for your second shot. The approach shot is very tight as the green is heavily bunkered so if you’re not feeling the love then lay up short and chip it on for your third!


The Cups 4th Hole
466m Par 5
A heavily bunkered Par 5 that will require precision off the tee and to get to the green! Large bunkers guard the right side of the fairway from the tee and when you are thinking about safety play down the left side! Small pot bunkers are further up the hole with a large wasteland bunker on the left side of the fairway just near the green. A great hole that does reward those who are brave and throw caution into the wind!


The Cups 5th Hole
168m Par 3
This is a testing Par 3 where distance control is essential. Come up short of the green and the ball will roll back down into a deep bowl 30 metres away. Go long and the ball can fall all the way down a big slope and give yourself a tricky chip back to the green. Miss it left and you in the pot bunkers and short right is no good as well! Walk away with a Par 3 here and you will be feeling pretty good about that, knowing that you can rack up a big number on this hole if you are a bit off your execution!


The Cups 6th Hole
74m Par 3
This is the signature hole on The Cups course. Rated as the best short Par 3 under 100metres in Australia – it is certainly worthy of this achievement. Hitting from an elevated tee down to a heavily bunkered green with a very short iron in hand. It seems easy enough but if you miss this green you are almost certain to drop a shot! A super fun hole where even the really short hitters have a chance to do something quite remarkable!


The Cups 7th Hole
319m Par 4
From the tee it looks pretty tight but there is safety to the right side of the fairway. Hit it left and you are risking losing your ball out of bounds along the fence line. The approach shot is tricky as you are hitting to an elevated green that is heavily bunkered. A good way to approach this green is to hit to the left side of the green where there is a large bank that feeds to ball back to the middle of the green. A tricky green to putt on as there is quite a steep slope from back to the front. Leave yourself a downhill putt here and you can have a very fast putt to deal with!


The Cups 8th Hole
161m Par 3
This is a solid Par 3 that requires absolute precision to hit this green from the tee. Miss it right off the tee and you are in a world of pain where there is a steep bank covered in knee high grass that is almost impossible to hit out of! The green is surrounded by bunkers but there is a gap at the front of the green where you can run your ball up. Try to leave your ball below the hole here as it is a heavily sloping green from back to front. Make a Par 3 here and you will be doing a big fist pump!


The Cups 9th Hole
343m Par 4
A solid Par 4 to finish off your round. Everywhere but left off the elevated tee is good and no real dangers to contend with. The approach shot needs to be carefully executed as there is a bank on the left side of the green and a small pot bunker and is extremely difficult to get up and down from. Best play is to aim for the right centre of the green and the ball will feed left to the middle of the green. This hole plays a lot shorter than you think and is a lot of fun to play.

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